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D3 Racing KTM 350SXF: Inside British Steel

D3 Racing KTM 350SXF: Inside British Steel

Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Team STR KTM 300SXF.

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Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Team STR KTM 350SXF.

Inside British Bike

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Words by Ben Johnson, Photos by Adam Duckworth.

Rider: Matiss Karro

The official ACU British motocross championship is the most competitive and prestigious championship in the UK. It is the title that every British racer wants to win and it brings huge prestige and kudos. Riders put in huge effort to try win the title and teams spend enormous sums of money developing and building race bikes that can challenge elite GP team bikes for the MX1 and MX2 crowns.

But the British championship is not like the elitist world of GP and AMA racing where only big teams with big budgets can compete. It is a championship where a privateer rider on a shop bought bike can go out and run with the big-spending teams too. It is what makes the British championship such a great series.

From no-expense spared GP-winning bikes built using F1 technology to hometuned two-strokes, the British championship features one of the widest cross-sections of machinery in any championship in the world and to celebrate this, MOTO brings you a look at just some of the bikes of the British championship.

Inside the Team STR KTM 350SXF…

2012 is massive year for the STR KTM team owned and operated by Lancashire-based
Steve Turner. The KTM UK supported team is tackling its first ever GP season, a dream of Turner’s that he has worked incredibly hard to make a reality.

To ride for the team in GP competition, Turner has kept faith in local ace Nez Parker who he has supported for a number of years, but leading the team he’s snapped up former MVR-D Honda rider and MX1 rookie Matiss Karro. The super fast and likeable Latvian is still only 20 years old, but he’s a strong rider and Turner has real faith that he can not only impress at GP level but also challenge for STR’s first British title.

A perfect candidate for KTM’s mid-size 350SXF, Karro has proven himself to be a serious talent on a bigger bike and already a contender for that MX1 title. The bike that STR has built for him builds on the knowledge gained after running Martin Barr on a 350
in 2011.

KTM’s factory-spec SXS equipment features heavily on the bike to make it GP ready and competitive against tuned 450s too. Suspension has been an area of big investment. The stock WP shock has been binned and replaced with the same WP Trax that is used by the factory GP team. It is 5mm shorter than stock and not only cures the high rear end that KTM’s have by lowering the bike, it also provides superior damping and adjustability that make it much more suitable for the rigors of top-fl ight racing.

The settings have been developed for Karro by the team’s tuning partner Stuart Johnson of renowned race-shop NME. NME has also taken the stock WP forks and worked on those to get them to Karro’s liking.

With countless successes in the road racing world, NME is a hugely successful and knowledgeable engine tuner and STR has entrusted them to turn the 350 in to a bike capable of beating 450s o© the gate. From the performance of Karro and the bike at the Fat Cat series opener, they’ve more than achieved that. NME does a huge amount of work to the motor internals, from rumble polishing the gearbox for smoother shifting to gas fl owing the head and modifying the valves and camshafts and much more. This is all developed using a highly adjustable GET ignition and custom DEP S7 pipe.

GMX radiators and a coolant expansion tank are fitted to improve cooling along with seamless Samco hoses and to help deflect the heat from the header pipe the hoses are also wrapped with heat reflecting gold foil.

_D3X8368-2The KTM’s excellent Power Parts catalogue has been used to source other items such a the CNC machined clutch cover that provides added strengthen at a lighter weight and the KTM branded billet engine plugs, as well as the factory orange triple clamps that offer adjustable off set as well as greater strength. The cool orange frame guards that protect the powder-coated frames are also painted orange to mimic the factory machines.

SXS Brembo brake calipers have also been bought in to improve the brake performance. These are machined from aluminium and offer increased stiffness for a more precise and sharper braking performance for Matiss. These are teamed with oversize discs to offer even stronger stopping power.

Talon provides wheels again which are fitted with RFX sprockets, CZ chains and Dunlop tyres and Renthal products take care of the cockpit whilst Pro Carbon supplies the beautifully shaped protection pieces and Raptor the titanium pegs to give Matiss a wide 50mm platform for his feet.

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