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Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF: Inside British Bike Steel

Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF: Inside British Bike Steel

Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF.

Hannah Ustel Hannah Ustel

Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF.

Inside British Bike

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  3. Team STR KTM 300SXF
  4. Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF
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Words by Ben Johnson, Photos by Adam Duckworth.

Rider: Byran Mackenzie

The official ACU British motocross championship is the most competitive and prestigious championship in the UK. It is the title that every British racer wants to win and it brings huge prestige and kudos. Riders put in huge effort to try win the title and teams spend enormous sums of money developing and building race bikes that can challenge elite GP team bikes for the MX1 and MX2 crowns.

But the British championship is not like the elitist world of GP and AMA racing where only big teams with big budgets can compete. It is a championship where a privateer rider on a shop bought bike can go out and run with the big-spending teams too. It is what makes the British championship such a great series.

From no-expense spared GP-winning bikes built using F1 technology to hometuned two-strokes, the British championship features one of the widest cross-sections of machinery in any championship in the world and to celebrate this, MOTO brings you a look at just some of the bikes of the British championship.

Inside the Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF…

Bryan MacKenzie had his best ever season in 2011 after being picked up by LPE Kawasaki to lead its charge in MX2. A constant presence at the front of the fi eld, MacKenzie was a podium threat all season long in the British championship and but for a few ill-timed mechanical issues that cost him big points, he’d have been third overall for the series – a huge achievement.

Rather than stay with Steve James’ offcial Kawasaki UK team for this season and build on their successes, by the late summer last year it was widely known that MacKenzie was on the move again, this time to fellow Scot Darren Wilson’s privateer Rockstar MotoOne KTM team. Not one of the big-hitting teams in the UK until now, the Rockstar squad has hired MacKenzie to take them to the next level and into the podium mix and this is the bike they’ve built for him to do the job on.

Although they’re not an official KTM UK supported team, Rockstar benefits from some strong support from various partners to put together a very competitive machine. One notable sponsor is distribution giant, Madison, a long-time backer of MacKenzie’s who followed him to the KTM team and provides the squad with numerous components all over the bike, including the Easton EXP bars and ODI grips, Dunlop tyres and Motul oils, No-Toil fi lters, Zeta holeshot device and SBS sintered brake pads.

High quality Wiseco pistons are also supplied by Madison and these are used in the teams race engine which is tuned and tweaked by Wiltshire based MX Zone, who also builds the race engines for the Apico Suzuki team. Already a strong motor in stock trim, MX Zone has eked even more power from the lump to give MacKenzie the grunt he needs to race with the big-hitters of MX2.

Pro Circuit importer CGH Imports is another partner of the team and provides a PC Ti-5 exhaust system to further boost power, whilst the team also chooses to run the industry-leading Hinson clutch to provide better durability even though stock KTM clutches are known to be extremely good.

Highlighting the strength and quality of KTM’s stock equipment however is the fact that the team runs the OEM Brembo brakes and discs, wheels and even the footpegs – not something many teams on Japanese bikes do. The suspension is also stock but this is modifi ed and being tuned signifi cantly to suit MacKenzie’s tastes by Scott Gardner at Planet Motocross which is based near the Rockstar team’s base.

Finishing off the bike are Acerbis plastics and MXM graphics with a unique black rear-end and a very distinctive Acerbis X-Seat, which provides much more grip than stock thanks to its rubberised surface and signifi cant ribbing, but is also 100% waterproof too.

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