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Lanes Kawasaki KXF450: Inside British Steel

Lanes Kawasaki KXF450: Inside British Steel

Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Lanes Kawaski KXF450.

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Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Lanes Kawasaki KXF450.

Inside British Bike

  1. Lanes Kawasaki KXF450
  2. Apico Suzuki RMZ250
  3. Team STR KTM 300SXF
  4. Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF
  5. D3 Racing KTM 350SXF
  6. Buildbase Honda CRF250
  7. BFoxwood DB Racing Honda CRF250
  8. Tyco Suzuki By Tas RMZ450
  9. Par Honda CRF450
  10. Evo-Tech Stevens Honda CRF250
  11. Route 77 Energy MVR-D Honda CRF450
  12. Oakleaf Kawasaki KXF250
  13. Samsung Yamaha YZF250


Words by Ben Johnson, Photos by Adam Duckworth.

Riders: Marc De Reuver

The official ACU British motocross championship is the most competitive and prestigious championship in the UK. It is the title that every British racer wants to win and it brings huge prestige and kudos. Riders put in huge effort to try win the title and teams spend enormous sums of money developing and building race bikes that can challenge elite GP team bikes for the MX1 and MX2 crowns.

But the British championship is not like the elitist world of GP and AMA racing where only big teams with big budgets can compete. It is a championship where a privateer rider on a shop bought bike can go out and run with the big-spending teams too. It is what makes the British championship such a great series.

From no-expense spared GP-winning bikes built using F1 technology to hometuned two-strokes, the British championship features one of the widest cross-sections of machinery in any championship in the world and to celebrate this, MOTO brings you a look at just some of the bikes of the British championship.

Inside the D3 Racing KTM 350SXF…

Lanes Kawasaki certainly doesn’t hang around. Only established for the 2011 season, from the outset the team owned and run by Dean Lanes instantly picked up o¯ cial Kawsaki UK backing, putting them in the upper echelon of the British championship. Not bad for start-up venture.

After a mixed year that saw their big hope Scott Elderfi eld part way with the team mid-season, but MX1 pilot Alex Snow establish himself as a solid top-ten runner, the team has not let up on their rapid expansion for 2012 in the slightest and has signed a bona fi de GP legend to lead their charge this summer – Dutch sand master Marc De Reuver.

The fan favourite former MX1 and MX2 GP winner has endured a few tough seasons fighting to recover from some hideous injuries and disenchantment with life as privateer in the GP paddock. He jumped at the o© er of a ride in the UK from Lanes, where good money and more traditional motocross tracks awaited him, and for their part Lanes got the man they wanted and a rider they feel than challenge for the British MX1 title.

De Reuver might not be a full world championship rider anymore, but he still has a world championship level bike underneath him however because Lanes have provided him with essentially the same bike that will be raced by Christophe Pourcel – a full Pro Circuit backed KXF450 tuned by Harry Nolte, the technical leader of the CLS team. The exact specs aren’t know – Nolte is not a man who gives his secrets away – but Pro Circuit internals such as camshafts, valves, springs and piston are likely used, along with head work. All tuned to suit De Reuver’s style.

A PC Ti-5 exhaust system is fitted, as you’d expect on a PC-tuned bike, and the team also makes use of a Bazzaz adjustable ignition to further tweak the power output. A Hinson clutch replaces the stock item, which isn’t the most durable out there, and a Boyesen Supercooler water pump cover and impeller kit is also to help the big KXF run signifi – cantly cooler and maintain optimum power.

The suspension is also the same as the full PC stuff used by Pourcel internally – externally it’s not the same – and it runs on the stock linkage at the rear, but X-Trig clamps are used to hold the forks up front because of their superior sti© ness and lower weight over stock. Another stock item, surprisingly, are the brakes, which De Reuver obviously feels perform well enough, but the wheels are super light and strong SM Pro. Platinum. These are fitted with Pirelli tyres.

Renthal supplies the bars, grips and chainwheels with CZ chains, with De Reuver pre© ering to run the OEM Kawasaki levers, whilst Raptor again supplies titanium footpegs and the team protects the hinges from getting jammed by rocks with some neat rubber boots. Pro Carbon supplies protective carbon fi bre items and as well as the in-built Kawasaki ‘launch control’ switch, De Reuver also utilises an Artrax start device to make sure the front stays firmly down out of the gate.

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Par Honda CRF450

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Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF

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Tyco Suzuki BY Tas RMZ450

Apico Suzuki RMZ250

Lanes Kawasaki KXF450

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