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Team STR KTM 300SXF: Inside British Bike Steel

Team STR KTM 300SXF: Inside British Bike Steel

Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, D3 Racing KTM 350SXF.

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Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, D3 Racing KTM 350SXF.

Inside British Bike

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  13. Samsung Yamaha YZF250


Words by Ben Johnson, Photos by Adam Duckworth.

Rider: Jamie Law

The official ACU British motocross championship is the most competitive and prestigious championship in the UK. It is the title that every British racer wants to win and it brings huge prestige and kudos. Riders put in huge effort to try win the title and teams spend enormous sums of money developing and building race bikes that can challenge elite GP team bikes for the MX1 and MX2 crowns.

But the British championship is not like the elitist world of GP and AMA racing where only big teams with big budgets can compete. It is a championship where a privateer rider on a shop bought bike can go out and run with the big-spending teams too. It is what makes the British championship such a great series.

From no-expense spared GP-winning bikes built using F1 technology to hometuned two-strokes, the British championship features one of the widest cross-sections of machinery in any championship in the world and to celebrate this, MOTO brings you a look at just some of the bikes of the British championship.

Inside the D3 Racing KTM 350SXF…

A hard-grafting pest exterminator during the week and a bona-fi de top-ten  runner in the premier MX1 class at the weekends, Cumbrian Jamie Law epitomises exactly what is great about motocross.

One of the most under-rated riders in the British championship, the former youth champion and Hooper Suzuki rider was well and truly back on form in 2011 after a few hard seasons and fi nished the year as the top privateer of 2011 after fi nishing a superb 10th in the championship on a KTM 350 backed by his local KTM dealership, Kendal based D3 Racing.

Sticking with D3 and with the 350 he rode so well against the big 450s again for 2012, Law’s ride is a great example of a well thought out and put together privateer bike that focuses on performance and reliability rather than show. You won’t find a whole lot of shiny bling on Law’s bike, but there is some choice equipment aimed at making the bike faster and better handling – the two things thatmactually really count in motocross.

To run top-ten in MX1 against some highlymtuned 450s and very well funded teams, youmneed more than a bog-stock 350 motor andmLaw has turned to the same tuning shop thatmdevelops STR KTM’s super-fast motors, NME,mto provide him with the power he needs tomcompete, especially out of the gate. He alsomruns a dual-map ignition switch on the bars,mwhich provides a more aggressive map formstarts and a map for the rest of the race. AmDEP S7 helps to eke out more horses throughmthe entire rev-range too, but the clutch is themstandard KTM unit as it is top quality and capablemof lasting at championship level, as aremthe radiators, hoses and all the engine cases.

NME also deals with the suspension tuningmduties and again like the STR team, Law hasminvested in the top-spec WP Traxx aftermarketmshock to give the KTM much improvedmhandling. The 5mm shorter shock lowers themrear of the bike and gives it much better balancemand turning capabilities. It also providesmsuperior damping and tuning capabilities formtop level racing. The forks are stock however,mset up to Law’s preference. They are clampedmin X-Trig triple clamps rather than the stockmunits however to provide a stiffer and morempositive front end.

Talon wheels are fi tted for their lighter weight and superior strength over stock, butthe brakes are the powerful stock Brembo items – a benefi t of owning a KTM. Law prefers to run Renthal Twinwall bars and dual compound grips and also fi ts the popular Raptor titanium footpegs for the improved grip that they provide and the increased strength to finish off what is a very well sorted race machine.

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