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Apico Suzuki RMZ250: Inside British Steel

Apico Suzuki RMZ250: Inside British Steel

Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Apico Suzuki RMZ250.

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Moto takes you inside the steel of British Championship bike, Apico Suzuki RMZ250.

Inside British Bike

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  2. Apico Suzuki RMZ250
  3. Team STR KTM 300SXF
  4. Rockstar Moto-One KTM 250SXF
  5. D3 Racing KTM 350SXF
  6. Buildbase Honda CRF250
  7. BFoxwood DB Racing Honda CRF250
  8. Tyco Suzuki By Tas RMZ450
  9. Par Honda CRF450
  10. Evo-Tech Stevens Honda CRF250
  11. Route 77 Energy MVR-D Honda CRF450
  12. Oakleaf Kawasaki KXF250
  13. Samsung Yamaha YZF250


Words by Ben Johnson, Photos by Adam Duckworth.

Riders: Luke Hawkings & Damon Strydom

The official ACU British motocross championship is the most competitive and prestigious championship in the UK. It is the title that every British racer wants to win and it brings huge prestige and kudos. Riders put in huge effort to try win the title and teams spend enormous sums of money developing and building race bikes that can challenge elite GP team bikes for the MX1 and MX2 crowns.

But the British championship is not like the elitist world of GP and AMA racing where only big teams with big budgets can compete. It is a championship where a privateer rider on a shop bought bike can go out and run with the big-spending teams too. It is what makes the British championship such a great series.

From no-expense spared GP-winning bikes built using F1 technology to hometuned two-strokes, the British championship features one of the widest cross-sections of machinery in any championship in the world and to celebrate this, MOTO brings you a look at just some of the bikes of the British championship.

Inside the D3 Racing KTM 350SXF…

With a long and valuable tradition of promoting and nurturing young British talent, giving them a chance to make their mark in the pro ranks, Rob Hooper’s long-standing Suzuki team is one of the most important and respected in British motocross.

Youth leads the way at Apico Suzuki again in2012, with teenagers Luke Hawkins and South African import Damon Strydom riding the RMZ250s prepared by Hooper and the team’s numerous partners. With a hugely experienced team working on their machinery, the duo will be lining up looking to make their marks on bikes that are stronger than ever thanks to new team sponsor; Athena/ GET.

GET, the Italian electronics experts whose highly adjustable ECUs and data acquisition units have been used by almost every big GP and AMA team, is owned by the big Athena group and UK importer Revo Technik was the main sponsor of Strydom, so when he joined Hooper’s team the sponsor came with him.

As a result Hawkins and Strydom’s bikes are fitted with the very highly rated GET GP1-Evo ignition unit and the new Athena exhaust system that has been built to work in conjunction with it. This is an exhaust MOTO hasn’t seen in the UK before. The GET unit offers ers almost infi nite ignition and fuelling possibilities to Hooper and the team to dial the bike in to suit rider preference and track conditions. The accompanying two-position handlebar mounted switch that both riders run gives them the option of two di© erent maps for on track too.

The Get and Athena items are teamed with a race engine tuned and built by the team’s engine partner, MX Zone. The Wiltshire based hop-up shop built the team’s race engines in 2011 also and MOTO was very impressed with the across-theboard power increases and the exceptional midrange grunt delivered when we tested the bike, so both riders have very competitive power plants. Like many MX2 teams, they also use the Air4orce tuneable intake to improve the airfl ow and power just that bit more and also Samco seamless hoses to provide more efficient cooling in the heat of battle.

Headline sponsor Apico is one of the biggest distribution companies in the industry and provide myriad products that the team utilises across the bike from the bolts and fasteners to the oversized Artrax brake discs, Apico’s own-brand Evolite sprockets and rear brake pedal, Twin-Air hi-flow filter and cage, the Polispsort plastics and the Pro Taper bars, top clamp and grips.

A Pro-Carbon skid plate is used to give the engine a bit more protection and Raptor titanium pegs are used, whilst another long-term sponsor of the team, Maxxis, supply tyres and these are fitted to wheels that feature the stock Suzuki hubs laced to gold anodised rims.

It is another long-term partner of Hooper’s team, the highly respected K-Tech, which looks after the suspension tuning duties for both Hawkins and Strydom, totally reworking the stock Showa units to suit the personal preferences of each rider and to provide a smoother, friction and fade free performance for superior handling.

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