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Ligament damage for Megan

Ligament damage for Megan

Megan Lewis

Hey guys!! As you know I had my hand injury and it was just about healed for me to race the world championship in Portugal. I was in France staying with my boyfriend Cedric and my dad picked me up from France and drove me to Belpuig to get in some laps before the gp… but as my luck is going it was shut!! So we called Monda from mxtrax who is based in Portugal and asked him what’s happening in Portugal this weekend and it was the Europeans at Cortellha.

Me and dad drove there for the weekend and met him with my good friend Ken Roczen also some other friends who are based in Europe, it was a cool weekend, and Ken is super fast on hard pack!! And as well as the other guys they are very fast…!

On the Monday, Ken and I stayed to ride the track it was very hard pack nothing like we have here in England, there was this massive double, and I attempted it on the 2nd or 3rd lap and I cleared it. My confidence was building up and with some tips from Ken my riding was going good.

We went to some other hard pack tracks in the week on to the direction to Porto airport to pick up the rest of my family. We got to the track, my first words was yeahhh I know!!  Look at the size of these jumps!

I was not confident about doing these jumps, but knowing me I will give them ago, I went out for practice, track was cool a bit wet but nice. I got a lot of the jumps dialled in… So I was happy! Next was qualifying and from there it went tits up… I over jumped on a table top and stretched my ligaments in my foot.

I was in so much pain I thought I broke it. I got it all taped up and stayed at the camper in the evening with friends and Monda from mxtrax. I tried free practice in the morning but I struggled so much to get my boot on and I couldn’t managed to jump the smallest of jumps it hurt so much. So unfortunately I was a spectator for the rest of the day. The rest of my team mates Zach and Tara got injured as well, so I wish them a speedy recovery! Mel Pocock was only the team member left and I thought he rode very well. The FIM doctor told me I could not ride for two weeks. On the Tuesday morning the Dunlop family and I drove to a track called Talavera as Alix and Billy wanted to ride. So I just had to rest in the hot weather.

We drove on to Bellpuig and I wasn’t going to ride but I thought I had to try… So I went out, the track was nice… The race came and I had a bad start but round the first corner I was up there in the top 20. Before the three big steps I hit neutral and lost maybe ten positions! I was trying my best too race but the pain was unbearable it was a nightmare. The last lap I was tired so I was making a lot of mistakes. Two corners to go and I went over the handlebars. I was hurt, but I wanted to finish the race with my injured foot.

I didn’t pull in the pit lane before so this crash wasn’t going to stop me. I shook myself and got back up and finished the race. I was very pleased that I finished as I was told I couldn’t ride but some painkillers and strapping does the world of good. I didn’t race the second race as it was really swollen…

I headed back to France to watch the French championship. On the Monday before Cedric and I drove to my home. We stopped off in Paris too visit the Eiffel tower. Later that evening we arrived home in England! Ahh home sweet home… I had X-rays today on my foot and was told my ligaments are still badly injured; it is going to take a long time to heal. I will not be racing in Ernee next weekend. But for sure you will see me in Germany!! J Good luck to all the British riders this weekend…. see you guys there. #12


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