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Greetings from Spain!

Greetings from Spain!

Chris Birch

Hi everyone. Well if you didn’t know already that Im in Spain, then you do now! :)

I drove down here from Belgium during the first week of the New Year! I have family that live here plus apartment which my folks own. That’s where I’m staying.

This year I’m going to push myself. See what I can’t do on these two wheels! I’m now a member of a gym in Torrevieja. Which I’ve been going to nearly every day I’ve been here. You won’t recognise me! I already feel that my riding is strongly approving from working out and riding loads. Not just hitting ramps though, I’ve been riding a lot of MX too! My lap times are down and my endurance is strong and getting stronger week by week!

Moi, Villa and Mojo

I’m down here in the South east of Spain. The weather has been so far like summer! It’s so great, prefect for riding! I and Morgan for the last couple of weeks have been helping Andre Villa with his park. The Park looks so good! Andre’s park has everything you need if you want to compete with the very best of the Sport! We’re planning on riding it for the first time this year tomorrow. So far we’ve been riding FMX more in land at Nicholas Ortuneo Park! It’s a very good park to learn and try new stuff. Just a basic setup but good! Us three, I, Morgan and Villa had are best session so far riding there yesterday!!

Well next week I’m off to Denmark for the herring SX, back to the winter! But I’m looking forward to seeing my FMX4Ever team mates. Who I hope end up down here in the coming weeks! I, 100% think this time of year where I am now is the place to be in Europe!

Well that’s it for now! I’ll keep you updated with my progress!!

Thanks for reading,
Chris Birch… Aka Swampy


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