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Greetings from Spain part II

Greetings from Spain part II

Chris Birch

Hi everyone, well Im still down here in Torrevieja, Spain. Its time to give you a quick update on how things are working out down here for me!

Ive done it AGAIN! Two days ago I flipped 7 times to dirt at 22 meters, thats 72ft! This time the Flip is here to stay! My plans with the flip over the next 14 days is to reach 50 plus to dirt and my goal is to get my first 100 before I leave Spain to travel back to FMX4Ever HQ in Belgium!

I havnt just been working on Flips tho. Ive been working on up right tricks too, new and old! Also you may recognize in the pic above a section of quarter pipe leading in to Andre Villa’s foampit! We’re going to have a play on it over the next threw weeks!

Im tryin to push my limits and get even greater extensions! I will upload pics to my and the teams facebook, Myspace and fmxworld pages soon!
Just a big BIG thank you to: Andre Villa, Morgan Carlson, Alex Elgh , Johan Hannu and Stig Froseth, you know who you are!

Thanks for reading…
Chris Birch… Aka Swampy


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