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An amazing year for Swampy!

An amazing year for Swampy!

Chris Birch

Hi all, man its been a while. Sorry.
Since last time I wrote to you, I’ve been pretty busy. Its been a great year for me!! No doubt about
that! Egypt, Serbia, Belarus and many more countries, cities, 1000’s of kilometers and miles all over
the world. All highlights!


The big one though has to be LONDON! Red Bull X-Fighters!! Ok lets face it, I was only riding
there because it was in the UK and Im British!! But I had so much fun being involve with this
event. From the 5 stop Exhibition tour in the UK in the weeks leading up. The Teatime Jump at
Stowe school to the long hangover drive back to Belgium for Stefan Everts and friends the next
morning after the finals and after party.

I took a lot in that week from doing shit loads of media to trying to make the most of practice on
the course. Which I lack experience in riding stuff like that. But I took it all in my stride. I felt I
rode smooth and comfortable all week. No mishaps and I had a lot of FUN. Yes in my run I’ve done
trick extension a lot bigger but that’s your one shot with 90secs. I want to ride stuff like this
more!! :)


But hey… The years not over yet and theirs at least one more event that Im really looking forward
too. FMX Gladiator Games!! :)) I wont say to much just check out:
and see for yourself!

Also next month I, and my FMX4Ever team mates, plus every guy involved with the Gladiator
Games as well as many other men all over the world! Will be growing a moustache. This is to raise
funds and bring public awareness to men’s prostate cancer. The foundation is called Movember. If
you don’t already know of it then please click on this link and check it out:
“Grow a MO!!”

Ok just one more thing then I’ll wrap it up for now. I broke a bone in my right hand and my little
finger. This happen in September at a Red Bull Pro Nationals round in the UK. I’ve been out since!

Unable to ride anything! It SUCKS!! Yes! BUT! Im nearly there. The pins that the Doc put in, come
out November the 5th. I will be riding not to long after that and preparing for Gladiators Games! :) I
cant wait.

Well hope you in enjoyed the read?
Chris Birch AKA Swampy


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